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  1. yup i m using DSL connected by cable no wifi etc connection shows as it should 47.6Mbit/s
  2. hello My SL is very slow, as if my PC is 10 years old. Everything loads very long, especially textures, in clubs or places i usually lag. I ve tried to clean the cache, even re installed firestorm wirh revo uninstaller. Tried this video called SL NVIDIA by Calla Cela but it didnt help. A friend suggested to upgrade the Graphics card. i m currently running on rtx strix 2080 but its not a Ti (so its not as fast and has only 8 gig ram, ti has 11 ) i hope to get ahold of nvidias 3000 series soon as my SL is lagging more and more, I was also thinking of changing my CPU to intels 9700k (currently using Ryen 3700x) a friend uses the intel and it seemed faster on another game we played. any idea?
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