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  1. 13 hours ago, kevinshero77 said:

    I finally saw in the corner something said you are not the owner of this horse at Ville de Coeur so I think maybe it is not possible to ride a horse unless you pay them to keep it there?

    Click on the horse that's tied to the post, and a menu will pop up on your screen asking you to select a horse.  Pick one, and the horse will appear in front of you, and you will automatically sit on the horse.  It's totally free.


    horse rezzer ville de coeur_001.jpg

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  2. There are several free boats on Second Life Marketplace - take a look at this store:


    You will need to find a rez zone to use the boats.  Around the coast of Bellisseria is a good place to sail, as it’s protected water so you won’t keep running into ban lines or other obstacles.  There are lots of rez zones around Bellisseria’s coast - here are a few of them:





    As for horse riding, Ville de Coeur is a nice place to ride.  There are 8 sims to explore, and they have a free horse rezzer for you to use:



    (Don't forget to detach or turn of your animation overrider before riding a horse or any sort of vehicle 😉)

    Happy travels! 😊

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  3. Thanks everyone for your replies - and oh dear, I do seem to have opened a can of worms!  😟

    Let me try to explain - when I first decorated the house, I checked the land impact of each item as I went along by right clicking and going into edit on each item. Where I linked items together, I right clicked/edit on the linkset afterwards, to check the land impact of the linkset. As for the bathtub, I am aware that making stuff bigger often increases the land impact. The original land impact of the bath was 8, but that became 10 after I stretched it. I put the figures for the land impact and the prim count for the bath the wrong way round in my original post (duh!)🙄, probably because I had spent so many hours adding, subtracting, counting and recounting both land impact and prims, until my brain was scrambled! 😵  After I'd finished decorating, I did an area search for all objects owned by me. That bought up all my objects, and showed the land impact and prim count of each object. I added up the total land impact from there, and double checked it to make sure it agreed with the amount of land impact I thought I had used - and it did.  Although I was under my land impact allowance by 5, I kept getting repeated messages from the owner's prim counter telling me I was 40 prims over my limit. I checked and rechecked my items again - and then realized the owner must have actually meant prims when they said I could have a prim allowance of 100, and not land impact - as my prim count was indeed 140!  So I deleted several items, and did an area search again and added up my prim count, double checked again, and I was down to 97 prims and 83 land impact. I thought I had it sorted - then I logged into my emails this morning and found about 20 emails telling me I'm still way over my prim allowance!  So I deleted several more objects, did an area search for my objects, double checked it, and I was down to 69 prims and 67 land impact.  Then I get a message saying I'm still 12 prims over, so I delete some more objects, checked and double checked again, and I’m left with 53 prims and 53 land impact.  I haven’t had any more messages (yet!) from the prim counter to tell me I need to delete any more prims – but I’m now down to almost half the prim allowance I was supposed to have!  I have contacted the owner a couple of times about the problems I was having with the prim counter, and she was very nice and said she had sorted the problem – but clearly she hadn’t, as I was still getting messages, so there is definitely something weird going on with her prim counter (it can’t count?!)  I don’t think any of this is a deliberate ploy on the owner’s part – she does seem to have been trying to be helpful.  Although she has been in SL for many years, I think she’s quite new to the rental business.  I gave up asking her to try and sort it out in the end, as it seemed to be a problem she didn’t know how to solve.  At this stage I’ve just decided to put this one down to experience – it’s actually become quite funny, deleting objects and then waiting for the next message to say I’m still over my limit! 🤣  It was only a cheap rental, and luckily I only paid for 1 week, so at the end of the week I’ll just move on and forget about it.  It’s given me a valuable lesson, anyway – next time, double check with the landlord/lady about the prim/land impact allowance before you pay!

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  4. 18 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    But that's the opposite of what you said in your original post. 😉

    The text is only the description the creator wrote anyway and not actual stats.

    Duh!  Ignore me, I think I just had a bit of a brain-fart!  😊  Like I said - prims are confusing me today!  🙃

  5. 50 minutes ago, ChinRey said:

    I think you need to recheck because that's not possible. The land impact for a lnkset can never ever be less than half the old style prim count.

    My best guess is that not all parts of the bath are linked and you only checked the LI of some of it.

    It's the Crane bathtub from Fancy Decor.  The normal land impact of the bath is 8, but I made it a bit bigger so the land impact is 10.  When I hover my mouse over the bath (either at it's original size or at the increased size), it says "Prims: 2, Land impact: 8 (10)".  The bathtub & plumbing etc is all linked into one item - when I move it about, it all moves in one, not in separate parts.  I get what you are saying about that being impossible - I build a bit myself, so I know it doesn't make sense! 

  6. Hi everyone,

    I recently rented a property in SL for the first time, and I was told I could have 100 prims to decorate with.  I know a lot of people use the word 'prims' when what they actually mean is 'land impact', so I presumed she meant I could have a land impact allowance of 100 - as surely, it's the land impact of objects that counts, not the number of prims, right?  So I decorated the house, carefully counting up the land impact of my objects as I went along, and linking items together to save on land impact, to make sure I didn't go over my limit. I was quite pleased with the result, and also pretty chuffed that I'd managed to decorate the place so nicely for only 95 land impact. So imagine my consternation when I received several messages from the owner's prim counter telling me I was way over my prim allowance, and I must remove several items immediately - or else!!  It turns out that when the owner said 'prims', she actually meant prims, and not land impact!  So my lovely bath which is only 2 land impact, but has 10 prims, and my nice cupboard which is 4 land impact but actually has 8 prims, and several other items besides - all had to be hit with the delete button.  Now the place looks very bare! I've looked through loads of ads for rental properties here on the forums and on Marketplace, and they all mention a prim allowance, and not a land impact allowance.  So I was wondering if all you experienced SL renters out there could tell me - do rental property owners usually mean 'prims' when they say prims, or do they actually mean 'land impact'?  😕


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  7. Hi everyone,

    I recently picked up the L$500 gift card at Fancy Decor, and I just tried to use it at the store.  According to the instructions on Fancy Decor's help pages, I should add the gift card to my avatar, and it will appear on screen - but when I try doing this it doesn't appear.  When I added the gift card to my avi there was a message in local chat saying I need to use a Caspervend vendor to use the gift card balance, but when I try to buy items using the gift card balance I just get a pop up telling me to click on the gift card on screen - but I can't see it!  Can anyone help?  Thanks! 🙂

  8. Hi Ithilwen36,

    As you say you are under 3 months old, you may not be aware of all the ways you can get free stuff in SL? 

    For instance, the Valentine's Shop & Hop event is currently taking place, where there are 8 sims full of all sorts of different stores, and most of them are offering a free gift, including L$400 or L$500 store credit/gift cards from clothing stores Addams, Blueberry and Bumblebee. - https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tinseled/154/128/52

    There are also freebie stores in SL, such as The Free Dove - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gallii/162/46/33

    And newcomer friendly places with free stuff, such as Ajuda Brasil - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/AJUDA BRASIL VOLUNTARIOS/66/58/23
    and Helping Haven Gateway - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Helping Haven Gateway/172/52/25

    Then there are group gifts - stores usually have a group, and many of them are free to join.  Group members usually have access to free gifts.  For instance, Kraftwork has lots of free home decor items for group members - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KraftWork/232/148/21 
    Sintiklia has lots of free hair - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sintiklia/137/59/22
    And you can get free clothes at Beautiful Dirty Rich - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautiful Dirty Rich/125/132/22

    While you are hopping around different stores, it's also worth keeping an eye out for Lucky Letters and Midnight Madness boards, where you can win free stuff.

    You can also get lots of free things on Second Life Marketplace - https://marketplace.secondlife.com. Try searching for 'gift' or 'freebie'

    There are Second Life bloggers who often feature info about where you can get free items, like Ryan Schultz - https://ryanschultz.com

    And there are many Youtube SL Vloggers who regularly do videos about freebies, such as Cat Pink and Naria Panthar.

    The website Teleport Hub also has lots of info about free stuff - https://www.teleporthub.com/

    And it's always worth keeping an eye on these forums, as every now and then there will be a great freebie from one of the popular stores, like a free mesh head or body, and the forums are a great way to hear about things like that.

    So it is possible to be fabulous in SL, even if you are broke!

    Happy Freebie hunting! 😀

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  9. 2 hours ago, Rat Luv said:

    OK, let me try to redo what I originally wrote from memory 😆 I drew - THE EMPRESS (ETA  -the right way up, not reversed)


    To me, this is the 'Mother Earth' card! I just want to sit in a wood and listen to T Rex and listen to the wolves howl 🐺

    This card stands for nurturing, raising children, connecting to nature and health. Don't worry, I won't say "You should do outdoors yoga, speak to trees and drink herbal tea"! (but do it if you want xD) But as well as giving birth to children, this card can mean creativity, and giving birth to art and ideas. Maybe it's worth looking back to creative things you used to do that you enjoyed, and finding out if doing them again kick starts other emotions that help you rediscover the life you think you lost? (which, agreeing with Lindal, I'm sure you haven't - it's just that circumstances have changed )

    The Empress is powerful, but she has patchy moments too. Look at her face - she's like, "I've had better days!" Even Empresses can't escape bad days or pandemics. But she is still wearing her crown of stars and in control! Sometimes you just have to ride out bad situations, but remember you're in control and are the same person who enjoyed the good times :) Maybe try applying your best skills and personality traits that worked before to the present? And spoil yourself with a day of treats :P

    Thanks @Rat Luv - the bit about creativity and giving birth to ideas does make sense to me right now.  And the Empress's face looking like she's had better days - well, you're spot on there, mine certainly looks like that, too! 🤣  The bad situation I'm riding out has been going on for a very long time, and is not in my control.  But the overall positivity of your reading has certainly helped to give me some hope for the future.  Thanks again! ❤️

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  10. 14 hours ago, Rat Luv said:


    @LunaThymeLuna your question BROKE THE DECK! :oxD

    It's gone mad on me...I cannot figure out how the card relates to your question AT ALL...have tried writing this 100 times and none of it makes sense...

    I think Lindal's advice is probably better in this case!

    (ETA again, it's The Empress if any of the tarot pros want a go at this?)

    @Rat LuvSo sorry my question has given you such a hard time - but you've actually helped me more than you think! 🙂

    I googled the meaning of The Empress card, and what it said made a lot of sense for me, in my current situation.  Although, I understand the interpretation of the card can be different if the card was reversed - so can you remember which way up the card was?

    Thanks again for taking the time to do this, and for your very kind private message - it's much appreciated! ❤️

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  11. 12 hours ago, Lindal Kidd said:

    Ooh! I don't have Rat's touch with the cards, but I'm moved to comment on @LunaThyme's question anyway.

    Your life is yours, and will be until you die. No one can take it from you. But you can never get your "old life" back, only move on to new chapters.  This is true of everyone, whether that old life is taken simply by the passage of time, or by some disruptive event or evil person.

    Whatever has happened to you, I wish you all the best.

    @Lindal Kidd- I don't really want to go into the reasons behind my question to @Rat Luvhere, but I appreciate your kind words! ❤️

  12. It’s tricky buying clothes these days,

    I’m at a funny age.

    I’m too old for a mini-skirt,

    Although they’re all the rage.

    I’d like to wear a sparkly dress,

    To make me feel all glam,

    But would it only make me look

    Like mutton dressed as lamb?


    If I dress all in leopard print,

    Will I look hip and smart?

    Or will I just look desperate?

    A lonely, sad old tart.

    If I wear leather trousers,

    Will I look sexy and cool?

    Or will people just think I am

    An absurd, ageing fool.


    There are lots of celebrities

    Who look good for their age,

    I’ve seen them in the magazines,

    They smile from every page.

    But they’ve all got a stylist,

    A surgeon on speed-dial,

    A trainer, and a dentist

    For that perfect, veneered smile.

    I can’t compete with them,

    I don’t have that sort of money.

    I tried Beyoncé’s hairstyle,

    But it made me look funny.


    To hell with those young models

    In the fashion magazines!

    All posing in their skimpy tops,

    And posh designer jeans.

    I’m going to wear what I like,

    Who cares what people think!

    Blue platform shoes, red hotpants,

    And my hair dyed shocking pink!


    I’m too young for a twin-set,

    And elasticated trews,

    I’m not ready for blue-rinsed hair,

    And frumpy, laced-up shoes.

    Why should I look ‘appropriate’,

    With hair up in a bun?

    I’m not old yet.

    Let’s get dolled up, and go out and have fun!

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  13. Trompe Loeil are giving away a free cottage - just outside the main entrance, on the right. 

    http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hyde Park/208/167/22

    There are also some free chairs available.  The items are free to anyone, you don't need to join a group.  The cottage is 56 land impact, measures 18.1 x 17.6m, and comes with a working fireplace.  The paved patio/base can be unlinked and removed from the cottage, which decreases the footprint quite a bit, and also reduces the land impact to 54.


    trompe loeil free cottage_001.jpg

    trompe loeil free chairs_001.jpg

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  14. 7 hours ago, Malayaa said:

    I remember touring the Log Homes preview, and thinking that they looked kind of bland inside and difficult to furnish, then the homes were released and right away creators were offering additions and Belli peeps were showing their furnished homes and landscaped yards, and wow what a difference!  Wound up with several versions over time of warm, colorful and cozy log homes that I was very happy with.   So when I got the same feeling about the Chalets, how am I going to make these look like home, I knew not to worry  :)  Coincidentally I found a store yesterday who sells Tudor Chalet Cottages AND windmills!  The cottages have cute stone cladding on the outside...mullioned windows...and warm beams inside.  See interior/exterior pics below for inspiration! 




    @Malayaa - How lovely!  Could you please tell me where the store is that sells those Tudor cottages and windmills?

  15. 1 hour ago, Evangeline Arcadia said:

    I generally agree. I don't know if too much stock should be placed on exactly what style the door is, because of what appears to be 'recycling'. From what Patch has said so far, and hints and things in these threads, it's not going to be similar to what's come before. I'd expect it to look a different as a whole  for example the house shape or the roof, but maybe some of the details such as window frames, inside flooring etc. are similar to what's gone before.

    I'm still thinking rustic or fantasy.

    I hope you're right - it would be nice to see something a bit different, and rustic or fantasy would be lovely! 😍

  16. 43 minutes ago, Raspberry Crystal said:

    A rustic farmhouse look would be lovely, but you would not find the door in Patch's example in a countryside setting, it is a 'townhouse' style. That is what is so puzzling!


    I agree, the stucco walls suggest a cottage or farmhouse, but the door doesn't quite fit with that theory.  The door in Patch's picture looks like the door from a Victorian.  I think the moles do tend to 'recycle' quite a bit with the different themes - Victorians look very similar to Traditionals, just a bit bigger;  log homes look quite similar again, just with different coloured wood siding;  stilt homes look similar to Trads/Vics, but on stilts.  I think whatever the new theme is, maybe a cottage/farmhouse - it will be a 'Linden Homes version' of a cottage/farmhouse (so basically a Trad/Vic/log home, but with stucco walls instead of wood siding.  After all, when we heard about there being a log home theme, I think most people were expecting something a bit more like these...

    log cabin 1.jpg

    log cabin 2.jpg

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  17. I still think the house in Patch's picture looks like a traditional English or European cottage (or maybe a farm house).  Just for fun, I thought I would have a go at building what I think it might look like (within the restrictions of the textures and building bits and bobs I had available to me in my inventory!)  Of course, the moles would do a much more professional job than I have...😄

    Patch cottage pic.jpg

    cottage door 2_001.jpg

    cottage 2_001.jpg

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