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  1. Not at this time do I have a place for children, and no I have not seen Picard yet..
  2. Although there is some members who has children, at this time I do not have any in my crew due to the classification of this ship..
  3. Looking for Crew members to serve aboard the newest United Federation Starfleet ship. Looking to fill RP positions on the newest USF ship. If you ever desired to RP Star Trek scenario's or have an interest in SciFi contact me. Send me a notecard in-world since I am not always online. Applicants will need to go through USF Academy to serve aboard the ONLY USS Defiant class ship that is a ship. This ship is new and upcoming, join become part of its CREW and grow with this ship. "COME" RP Aboard United Star Fleet Ship "USS COURAGEOUS". All UNIFORMS and most equipment is provided PLUS TRAINING.. LT CMDR T'Preea (MiriamNataliaKon)
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