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  1. I would like to get some information on how exactly to go about starting to code my own viewer. Now, I understand that I will need to install visual studio and learn C++ but what else do I need to do or learn. I have coded a little but never anything like the SL viewer. But, for a long time now have had some ideas I would like to add to a viewer and thought I might as well try giving it a go. If possible, responses only please from other viewer developers / teams. Thankyou
  2. I have a hud attached that I am experimenting with and I want to move an object on the hud to the centre of my screen. That part is easy enough using a local pos variable based on the root prim position on the hud. What I am finding a little more difficult is getting the object I am moving, to move to a central position on my hud view regardless of where the hud (root prim) is actually moved to. At the minute, if you move the hud elsewhere the "central" position changes. as its offset from the hud root prim locally. How do I do this exactly?. I need the object to move to the centre regardless of where the hud is positioned
  3. So as an example list j=[]; while(i<100){ //This is ran internally j+=; //This is adding to the stack llOwnerSay((string)llGetListLength(j)); //This is adding to the queue Have I got this right? @Qie Niangao
  4. That is interesting. Thank you. How does that work in the case of a loop. Lets say we are running a while loop of i < = 1000 to simply increase a variable by 1. Is each loop of the loop added to the event queue or is it run as a single entity if you get me?
  5. Can someone help me understand the exact difference between the two.?. From what I understand so far the event queue is where functions are loaded to be executed but what exactly is the stack, I know that if you run out of memory then you get a stack heap error which I am guessing is because there are too many events and functions "stacked" up inside of the script?.
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