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  1. LOL me too! This thread has been very enlightening (oops i think there's a pun in there).
  2. You get tea AND cake LOL thank you, my dear
  3. Sadly, they did not do this for the houseboats, probably for reasons mentioned above about how they made the walls. My alt has a Victorian and i saw that NC in there, went back to look at the houseboat packs - nada. Luckily, i am using a dark color in a small space so with lighting effects, i think i can hide any small mismatch but i would want more precision for a Victorian, yes. I cant wait to see what all you color experts have been doing to your Victorians!
  4. That' precisely what concerned me. So far, i managed to eyeball it pretty well and it works because of the lighting, every wall is a different color so cant tell if one is a little off! LOL i can get away with it for a curved wall on a houseboat but the Victorians are a different story, precision will be key. ** THANK YOU ALL for these marvelous suggestions!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I learned so much. your ideas and sollutions far exceeded any expectation i had of a helpful answer. instead, it opened a whole new world to me (i try not to build in SL lol but this color thing is getting me going)! thank you again. Come by for wine or tea anytime as a thank you! Starshine, Lapis :)))
  5. Does anyone know where to get these? Or who/how to ask LL to provide them? (Yes, I have been looking around first before asking!!! I haven't found them). I actually like some of the colors! And wish to be able to recreate on color picker HUDS and for other customization. Thanks for your input :)))
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