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  1. I made a post to sell my house and land, and now I am not selling it so want to remove the post. No one commented so I would like to know how to remove or edit the post.
  2. This is an amazing Sky Box house for sale with land parcel of 1024m on the mainland. It is split over 3 floors with an outside beach area. A MUST SEE.... PRICE IS L$9500 for the land and sky box (contents not included) Its creator (not me) has done an amazing job!! It has a main living area in the middle of the house, with a balcony bedroom upstairs. It also has a spectacular under water area down stairs with coral reef views, perfect for a bathroom. There is a good sized beach area outside with water, views and plenty of decoration. Link to visit and purchase property: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Agravain/15/250/3339
  3. Oh yeah I didn't think of doing that Rolig 😁👍 that's a great idea, the bottom of the ocean, thanks 😁
  4. Hehe that's brilliant 👍👍 I got some landmarks from another girl for free changing rooms to teleport to for trying out clothes, so I am sorted now 😁😁
  5. Thank you Rolig, that's some great info, seems like a right hassle trying to get an initial home! Lol.. I will sleep at the beach till then 😁😁🏄🏼‍♀️
  6. Oooh I see 🤓 thank you that all makes sense now! It was super confusing and didn't really get what I was doing, but it's all clear now, it's more confusing than buying a place in RL haha. I will hang on to my 1024 I think until the right linden place becomes available and if I want a store at some point to after I have the home I can get something else to on the mainland 😁 it's so exciting! Love this game/place 😁
  7. Ahh that's fantastic thank you so much for all the information Littleme 😁😁 What is the tier thing about that I have seen mentioned? Is that something that affects what home you can get? 😊😊
  8. Ohh thank you Raspberry 😊 yes I wanted a traditional or Victorian one, so do they not show in the drop down menu if there are non available? Hopefully they have more for people soon, they look like gorgeous places.
  9. I have just checked the link above and yes I had a first generation linden home, so how do I get one of the newer ones as it didn't give me the options when I got my premium account. 👍😊😊
  10. Oh thanks everyone for the replys 😁😁👍 I am not sure if I had an older style linden home or not, they only gave me 4 options of styles, modern, hobbit style, triangle type and a caravan, and didn't like any of them. I did manage to abandon it though thank you 😁
  11. Hia I recently got my first linden home included with my premium account and I want to abandon it to get a new plot of land, but not sure how to do that. Can I get a plot 1024 in size and then buy a house to go on it or how does it work as the basic houses are not great and I want something more traditional. Thanks in advance
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