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  1. It is about my display name. I can change it in January 01, 2038 00:00. I realized that secondlife managers are abusive, applying wrong punishments in the last year. My display name was different from the accuser, but I was still punished. It is unfortunate that the moderators are accepting false accusations. Add. (01/09/2020): Manager answered my ticket and she unlocked my display name now. She did not specify the abused rule. I changed my display name to the previous name.
  2. My name is Mija Perfferte, but my account has been locked for 1 day and I cannot change my name until 2038. I opened a ticket but no answer. One ungrateful said I couldn't use my name because it's "similar" to hers. She said she knows the administrators of SL and my account would be deleted. I was punished without warning, without reason, without notification. She didn't lie about this friendship with admins of SL. I didn't break any SL rules/terms, that's authoritarianism...
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