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  1. This is really encouraging! Looking forward to the reviews of it running on the MacBook Pro!
  2. I’ve recreated the whole thing from scratch, and this time I’ve linked it all like you suggested, script on root prim using a bunch of llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast commands. I’ve not been been able to replicate the issue (but in fairness not tested it thoroughly), but thanks for suggestion re efficiency, it does run a heck of a lot faster now than it did with llRegionSayTo commands.
  3. Thank you! Sadly no, it’s not a distance issue. I use llRegionSay on the object that sends the open/close messages, and can see that the all blinds close as intended. The issue is, if I move away the east facing one so I can’t see it for a while (I turn the other way and go into a room where the blind is out of view) then sometimes when the blind is back in view, it’s re-drawn as being in the default open state. If I relog, it’s actually still closed as intended. For others that keep the blind in camera view, it’s always closed as intended, so it is as if there is a caching issue/glitch with the prim. I’ll have a look through the Firestorm bug tracker as well just in case...
  4. Hi Fritigern If you try to login you’ll see this attached message. This is all so I can access SL on the go via iPad. Many thanks
  5. It looks like Bright Canopy has shut down at the beginning of January. Does anyone know any alternatives that offer the same service?
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