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  1. Hello, as the title says, I am looking for a writer or writers who are into RP. I am not a RPer myself so I wish to work with a writer who is experienced and have an excellent creativity. The current setting, albeit the SIM being still constructed, has a rather dark atmosphere. (Think of night time Manhattan, both the main districts and its back alleys.) But that doesn't mean the entire SIM will be gloomy. Multi layers of settings are planned and not all of them RP exclusive, meaning some layers will be shopping district and/or residential. Please send me a message in SL if you are interested and we can go from there. I will get back to you as soon as possible if I happen to be offline when you contact me. *Estimated completion of the SIM being fully designed is about a month from now so you will have plenty of time to create a fantastic world. *Depending on the story/idea, I am open to branching out and developing new areas that is currently not planned. Thanks! I hope to talk with you soon!
  2. Hallo! I am currently looking for a possible business partner and SIM/building designers. This is going to be a ground up concept that I wish to build up on with a business partner and I plan on taking care of majority of the expenses including the SIM purchase when we are ready to start building! I am very ambitious (not in a nagging way!) and hope my partner to be as well! Some things I want to touch but not limited to are: - Fully themed SIM - Professionally built/designed structures throughout the entire SIM - Residential area in accordance with the theme - possible sky houses if we deem necessary! - Community/Event area - could incorporate the current trendy gacha events or community based events - Maybe RP environment if you are knowledgeable in that area These are just outlining things I want to address so anyone who is interested have a vague idea of what I wanted to accomplish together. Of course, all of these are not set in stone. Please send me a message in SL and let's accomplish our grand dream together!!!!!!
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