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  1. sì, certo Annabell ... purtroppo sono ingenuamente a casa. In ogni caso, il mio è un consiglio e un avvertimento per impedire ad altri di innamorarsene. Possa la mia disattenzione aiutare gli altri
  2. unfortunately I am naively home. In any case, mine is advice and a warning to prevent others from falling for it. May my carelessness help others
  3. come faccio a rimuovere questo messaggio?
  4. how to report fraud, of a person stealing from a tag group
  5. do not accept any type of group from people who invite you to accept a group tag in SL in order to work as photographic models for adults by stealing Linden, right here on this forum someone is doing it and is doing it. Be very careful.
  6. ATTENTION ... Be careful ... this post is a scam, they steal 100L of membership and then throw you out of the group.
  7. Hi Anjelikka, I'm a model. I would be interested in your proposal.
  8. I would like to know you and possibly work with you in your sim. I am at your disposal. Just contact me if you want in IM
  9. Hi, I am a candidate for the required position as a male model, I have already posed as a model in the past. I am attaching some photos of me. I hope to hear from you if possible. Thanks for your attention
  10. I am a model, I have already posed for a photographic exhibition. I would be really happy to work with you. I hope you can contact me and work for you. My ID is: dario0591
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