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  1. I really do thank everyone for all of the responses! I come from creating for a game that only uses one UV per item/clothing and it has to be box sized so it's limiting, so having so much choice is really making me overthink things!
  2. Hello Everyone, I am still on my journey in learning the best practices for meshing in Secondlife. While browsing through the forums I see a lot of people complaining about the overuse of 1024 x 1024 sized textures. I can understand this as this is a large size image to have to generate and if everything is at 1k size, then this makes a heavy object/clothing. My question is, when would you suggest using 1k uv sizes over say a 512 or smaller? Thank you for any answers.
  3. Thank you so much for this response @Chic Aeon. I have opened a ticket with Support to get into Aditi. Also, I understand about male clothes, they always seem to be scarce when it comes to actually menswear and not just streetwear. @ChinRey Ah! That's something I didn't get about how mesh bodies worked. So mesh bodies don't replace the standard body, they just cover it up. That makes total sense. And I have seen that a lot of the brands have an application for the mesh bodies, so I don't really plan to be working on clothes until I build a pretty good Second Life portfolio. The content I made for the game I previously created for (The Sims) probably wouldn't be a sufficient portfolio. I am really excited to learn more, and I am immersing myself in the forum to learn from others' postings!
  4. First of all, thank you so much for responding! I will take all of that into consideration and look into the Havok engine because I had no idea that second life had a specific engine it runs on! I definitely don't want to upload any server breaking meshes and I am quite used to having a poly limit so I understand completely. Also, I would eventually like to do wearable (clothes and accessories), and I am good at using Marvelous Designer, and I know how to retopo and make normal maps, and all of that.
  5. Hello! I am a first time second life user looking to expand my creating to something less limiting. I previously have created for other games extensively for years and I consider myself to be more of an intermediate mesher (I am skilled in using blender to mesh, sculpting in zbrush, and texturing in both photoshop and substance painter). The reason I am moving away from these other games are because these games are so stifling with their poly limits and I would like to stretch my creative abilities. I know that Second Life creators are pretty hush-hush with their secrets on creating but I am hoping that one of you (or more) will be generous with tips and tricks. I guess I am looking for a starting place? Is there something I should be learning to do that is specific to second life? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.
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