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  1. i haven't cheched that thread for a while, and now i see so many poeple showing interest ! i managed to get a small crew, but in the end failed to gather them at the same spot of space time, and finaly lost hope for this project , but now hope rises again ♥♥♥ i'll contact each of you inworld and see what we can setup
  2. So far, we managed to team up three of us, that's a start MAny freindly reactions and a few pending applications too. but many girls there, no guys interested ?
  3. So eager now to play with you !!! awesome il check it out and bookmark it asap !!
  4. it will be european evening, so likely around 1pm SLT. however the team can gather earlier or hang around at any time.
  5. Sounds it deserve more details. The ship is a Razorcrest like in the mandalorian series, a bit modified for my use it flies well, and houses up to around 6 passengers, plus more room in carbo crates there's no dedicated sim, we'll travel from one world to another. destinations are meant to pile up over time and exploration. we have a base in a sim where i'm welcome for now with this idea :) the dress code is supposed to vary on the destination we visit, we dont want to get burn for sorcery in a medieval world ... In the ship we're at ease, but functionnal. sticking to the role as a crew member. rather cyberpunk atmosphere, but some victorian pirate reference is ok i guess. about the roles - Pilot - Navigator - Mechanics - Physician - Cargo manager / Trader - Weapon expert we're supposed to be "normal" people, no super hero, no super powers, no great demon or fallen king. but with skills and wits droids and extraterrestrials are welcome !
  6. Hi all, i've been wandering a bit, and couldn't find inworld the poeple i'm looking for So i decided to start a topic here to see if a few ones are interested in joining or could hint me to people they know So here's the idea ! i want a small group to stick relatively together as a crew of my ship and mess around here and there. Around 6 poeple in total would be fine ! Each in their character with their background and so on, starting form a given base of operation we'd visit distant planets to gather ressources, items, anything or accomplish a given mission. i have the ship, i have the base, i have a few people interseted, but too few yet. let me know below if you are interested or just discuss the idea there's a lot to say, but i don't like text walls ... kisses Tallia
  7. hello Harley, As a quick reply i'd say take a look at Caverna Obscura and PFC i'll come and edit if i manage to refine the advice
  8. I've been away from this thread for a while, but now that i'm again looking for a RP sim to enjoy playing immersively i wanted to check how this discussion evolved .... Yes, para RPing is for people who like it (i'm quite good at it, but i don't like it). For some reason many RPers considers it's not good if you do'nt fill your 5min turn with plenty of words about every aspects of why you take a second beer at the bar while keeing a hand on the handle of your weapon or whatever ... but hey, in "Role play" there's the word "play" !!! reading or writing a story is not playing, it's an enjoyable hobby, but not playing 😛 So in the end, what about a sim, (sci fi or med fan) where you can live IC, immersively, when you're there, like using Unity system to sandbox around in some everyday duty, and react live using emotes and direct speech when you meet someone ...you know like .. "playing" i haven't found such a sim yet .. does any one did ? i'd be eager to help in building one .. if some sim owner wants extra insipration just now, while thinking of it all , I imagine a land, a sea shore on one side with nice underwater scenes, where untold creatures might lure .. some fisherman shack at one hand, a hidden smuggler grove or cav on the other end .. a forest with a road from the fishemen village to a little town ... and a couple misteries and dangers for those who dare leaving the road ... the little town : small farms, a walled center with houses and workshops ... next to the town, a fort on the hill above where the lord lives and tries to rule over the land... Above that, magical flying islands, where winged creatures live and look down to the crawlers beneath ... And above that ... a space station, a pre apocalyptic remnant ? a lost time traveler ? an alien device ? filled with droids and cyborgs as well as various muted creatures ... and inhabitant of the land below who where taken there for study and might have settled there afterwards ...(and why not some Nanite System devices) Each layer mostly ignoring the other layers, but leading to surprising encounters once in a while ... About RP rules : - you can make a paragraph when you enter the game, because no one waits for you before that, then you mostly one-line your rp with some emotes so it's fast paced and alive, and fun for every one , one or two minutes max between replies seems ok to me, if having most of them fusing in no time - when in the sim, you're supposed to be IC, if not then rather station at the landing area, same if you intend to be afk for an extended time. Who wanna play there ? who wanna build it ? -> i'd love to do both ♥ who else ? i have plenty of ideas
  9. Hello Masha, if i can give my two cents here, i think most of the important things have been said already, and a lot of warnings. In my opinion you describe a paradise of paraRP, where there no need to rez stuff anyway, using the surrounding as a backrgound for the story. And this is a community, as far as i witnessed, that is quite well self disciplined. i think griefers and trolls might come and go over time, but anyone can just mute and derender them and remain in their RP in spite of it. Maybe give those few hints at the entrance (if there's any) and let go ! Giving life to your dreams like that, must be so thrilling In the end it will also depend on how you advertise your sim, if it only relies on mouth to ears, you will likely gather mostly reasonable people ... Another risk i feel, if i where at your place, about to open a part of my heart, my creations, to the world, as a playground ... i'd fear to be shocked by some reactions or happenings, that whould spoil and ruin my own love for my creation. Maybe i'm oversensitive, but i think it's worth telling. I guess you must feel like about to dive from quite high ! i wouldn't tell you definitely should jump, it's all about how you feel about it ... i guess you're aware of all the risks now (after all that was written in this topic). what i'm sure : there are people out there who will likely worship you for that, but the adventure starts with you ! Good luck with your dreams
  10. the best thing, in my opinion is to have your caracter background ..well .. in the background ! governing almost in secret the decision we make and our reactions. And sometimes, after a drink or two, or whatever oportunate condition, reveal part of this background. Some of the background should even be hidden from our character as well, so well, noone can know .. except if expectially investigating (and this could be a RP story on its own). Well, to come back to the initial topic ? is there such RP sim anyone is aware of ? (personnaly i'm rather into medieval, fantasy or scifi, but in the end whatever will be fine lol)
  11. Hi, i completely agree there ... i'm desperately looking for a RP sim with some immersive casual RP, no para RP !! 'ive found some over time, but ended unexpectedly ..why para RPing is so popular ? i mean it's mostly all rather good and inspired, but so lifeless !!
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