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  1. I agree with you Daftlyn. I emote actions and things representative of emotions, like shifting around when nervous or look down a lot when ashamed. I really do not want to know anything about another's char that i can not see or possibly know. No one wants to metagame. I also can see how it would be easier to translate smaller amounts at a time into another language.
  2. It's great you are open to rping with everyone regardless of their style of writing. I don't think there's a real debate about what para rp is or isnt, but more some people just dont enjoy it. If you do, I think you'll find plenty of people to rp with in that style. This thread is really for those who don't enjoy it.
  3. You're entitled to your opinion, but that's not what this thread is about. It's about looking for a group of people who do not share your love of para rp.
  4. This sound interesting! I"ll have to check it out. Thanks Neo! And thanks Velk!
  5. That's it exactly Tallia. It feels disconnected and not immersive. Why ask me a block of questions, when you could ask one and engage with me instead of at me? Also i dont want to read about your character things my char could not know. I understand why so much para rp is exposition of the background and whatnot of the writers char because if i have to wait ten minutes for the answer to a yes or no question, I'm really never going to ask you about your char. I'm just not and worse still i don't need to ask about them. Where's the mystery? Where's the discovery?
  6. Just wanted to thank those who replied. I know its not a popular topic. I just don't understand how it became considered rude to actually rp and not rude to force someone else's character to become a statue--no breathing, no emoting, no moving-- for however long you like; Just so that you can write, read it over, go make dinner, walk your dog, whatever it takes to feel comfortable about pressing enter. I think best example is someone who took fifteen minutes to post a paragraph of questions for my toon, while I sat there and waited. Are you kidding me?! Why not ask a question and let me answer, then you can play off that answer and no one is left waiting. Its just really rude to force or expect another rl person to become a statue for you during their limited time of relaxation. Everyone is busy these days, its really not thoughtful to waist another's time.
  7. Hi everyone, My rl husband and I have been serious rpers for many years. Recently we decided to give sl another shot. The game offers the best "sets" and "costumes" for rp, but it is so large it feels like we are searching for a needle in a haystack. We are looking for rp that is more like a play rather than a novel. Para rp just doesnt feel immersive to us. We think when you walk into a bar, tavern, club, castle, whatever with a group of people there should be more than one conversation going on. And honestly we get bored waiting ten minutes for a response in a conversation. Does anyone here know of a sim or group that would welcome experienced rpers who prefer to not feel themselves aging in between responses? We don't even care about the genre.
  8. Hi there, My rl husband and I have been serious rpers for many years. We recently decided to give SL another chance as the ability to customize everything really gives the opportunity to bring a character to life. However, since returning we found there seems to be dwindling rp. We think its due to the increase in para rp, which is frankly not as immersive. Its not realistic to walk into a place with multiple people and only one conversation happening.... with once every ten minutes....a response. We dont mind reading and responding to para rp, but we do hate waiting and waiting and waiting... We would love to find a group or place that offers an immersive experience and really do not even care about the genre.
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