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  1. So I got the redelivery from the Item I can get one. Its working now but everything else I have which doesnt have that cant be touched or isnt working. No animations or the scripts from it. Soo.. many L are gone now. Thanks to you @moirakathleenfor bringing the idea up with the redilivery. But maybe we can figure out what caused that!
  2. I cant get a redelivery for every item. I am not sure but I think that problem appeared after I teleported alot from location to location. And to your first question, I removed everything on my Avatar, even my Body and "reequipped" everything one after another.
  3. I reinstalled it with the newest version and cleared my cache. And what do you mean mit general network problems? I cant touch something on my Avatar and not in the Inventory. I was on several locations ingame and removed and reequipped stuff.
  4. Not a single animation is working now. I wear a tail, thats not moving, the ears are not moving... my Ao isnt working.. Tried the standart viewer but the problems stay.
  5. No. With and without rlv I have the problem.
  6. Tried the things you all suggested there with no success. I cant even touch things inside my normal inventory. So this is a good Idea but not the problem.
  7. I was not in a no script area. Its about fetish items. You can normally touch them trough the inventory or at your avatar body. And with that my Tail isnt moving anymore and my AO isnt working.
  8. Hello, I am using the Firestorm viewer and have a the problem that I cant click on touch or touch any of my items around me. I tried to reset all scripts, turned RLV on and Off, reinstalled the Viewer but still my Touch option is greyed out. I even removed everything and reequipped my stuff. Still not working. I have no Idea why. I bought one mask and I can ONLY open the touch menu there. Reset the scripts too but its still.. not.. working. I need help to fix that. I have no Idea what do to next.
  9. Hello. I'm new to SL and searching for a Mistress who who can train me in rp to be her perfekt everything she wants. I would love like to be a Rubberdoll but that's more up to you. I'm really active and interested in something that can go over weeks. I am not really good in SL but I can play rp pretty well. So maybe some great hands are helping my pc in the right direction. Thanks you
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