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  1. If you are in a need of a photographer for any purpose, I am your girl. I will take beautiful photos for you and your friends for a reasonable price, that would be talked over IMs. If interested and want more information, just direct message me in world : Ibnela Flicker : https://www.flickr.com/photos/188340646@N03/ Have a wonderful day.
  2. Hey there. I am as of now freelancing photographer looking for work. I am looking to expand my portfolio, so the work wont be charged much (as of now). If interested in working with me, just IM me in world : Ibnela Hope you have a wonderful day~
  3. Hey there. I have been a long time user of SL and have decorated many places for myself and others. (12+ years of gameplay on SL) All you would need to do for me is lay out the items you own and let me work for the house to be decorated and tell me what type of style you are looking for. The fun part about this is that I will do this job for free and if you like what I have done for you,then you can consider tipping me for the job. Please do not message me trough the job listing,but direct message me over SL on the name Ibnela. Hope you have a wonderful day and much love.
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