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  1. She was recommended by someone I thought was a friend. I did contact the decorator I had hired to decorate one room in my club. She was upset over how little I paid her but had never given me her price up front. I believe how she conducted business was bad. Needless to say I will never be using her services again. Everyone that replied to this thread gave exceptional advice. I will definitely need to locate that group, Julieare. I'm hoping to locate some options for future decorating. This was my first run in with this problem. Usually I do everything on my own but not knowing where to start o
  2. Hi, I hired a decorator to decorate an area in my club on 9/30. Today they came and collected all the stuff I paid for they had decorated, I've never had to file any complaints besides your usual griefers. If I could get some help with this, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you
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