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  1. Thanks! It has like everything I wanted. Okay I see boats, so what I like having fun neighbours!
  2. Perfection doesnt exist... But today I am close. And this one is mine. For long. ❤️
  3. Work in Progress! But I am in love with my spot! and other side is the river as well
  4. So glad with my new spot I just grabbed ... I was after a Trad, but I will try to work with this ❤️
  5. With the popularity of the Linden swapping, wouldn't it be a nice thing to have the metric visible or do you think that would be a bad idea?
  6. I asked support, its a hidden metric for now. I got my reset time and for as far as I can tell it's counted since the first time you have swapped. So It's over 24h I think.
  7. But is it refreshed back to zero at 00.00? Or is it 5x in 24h?
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