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    Delete account

    Ok,I heard you. I think I better leave account active,but not log on for a while.thank you for the support Rolig
  2. Coldvibe96

    Delete account

    Thank you for this detailed answer,I am basic member. And can you tell me how to stop recieve anything from sl on email?
  3. Coldvibe96

    Delete account

    And if I eill try to reactivate my acvountt,I will need to answer LL support questions like secret question,date of avatar birth ?sorry for silly questions,just wanted to know if reactivation is same easy as before
  4. Coldvibe96

    Delete account

    I heard from friend,that he reactivated his alt ,which was on hold more than 2 years.But another friend wasn't able to do same. So,after 6 month no way to reactivate?
  5. Coldvibe96

    Delete account

    For example I deleted account, and wasn't reactivating it for 3 months. If I will try to reactivate it after 7 months for example,will I succes?or account will be removed forever?
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