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  1. aren't you ashamed to blame the person? u dont have any proof only abnormal conjectures. i found 3d model to practice connect it to bone. And only for practice. i politely listened OptimoMaximo when he wrote about "begin with static objects" but then he started be rude and now he can't stop. so it looks like he try to trolling so, for now i will not answer to trolling. and thanks for all who helped and will helped with advice.
  2. u still replying. u should be consistent
  3. i dont think so. it ok. u can do that u want. ur life - ur time.
  4. Hi. I found in internet 3D model of girl .c4d file. Also i found Skeleton.dae it mean that i need to connect bones with part of mesh body ? I saw the original movements of some characters in game, how do they make them?
  5. where i can find official (bones\skeleton) ? i think "rig" is some moving. so what moving need creating ?? model - ok. and what about texture ? clothes ?
  6. i can instal 4dcinema, i can create a primitive polygon. one time i created zippers for using it in after effect composition. I planned to study gradually ... and i have only experience work with adobe after effects i know that body must have bones
  7. Hi. as a beginner I want to ask: how will be the scheme of steps look from creating in 3d modeling program to uploading body in SL. does anyone can describes the steps ?
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