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  1. NOT THIS AGAIN! when is second life gonna upgrade their servers/engins? I tried rezzing and all i get is a stupis red circle like F you! not gonna let you res right now im like UHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ahhh I see. then something really DID get messed up in their servers.
  3. But it would not behave in such a way for rollovers theres a series of sims that go down not all them go down all at once cause when mine and my sl familes are down ravenlock is up.
  4. But it shows no notice the wendsday rollover has notices ahead on places but seen nothing.
  5. Dont think any LL personell are awake at this time in the USA so we may never get back on till later this morning.
  6. Me too i was at thirsty camel do i get my money back because i was in the middle of a greedy game?
  7. I also have done this yesterday, in proceesing stage right now. I do believe its a setting on her end most likely she cant even figure out what the problem is, she never had this happen to her before. I sent one in as well to help get communication faster and solve it faster.
  8. well she doesnt know what the cause is thats locking out everybody can you help me out list out possible things? yes im renting from someone who has 11 other sims in the community.
  9. ehem.. i have a Homestead and dont own a FR >.> (to the first comentor)
  10. I have bought a homestead (someone ordered it for me) and now its up but somethings wrong no one can get into it and not even me, owner of the sim. https://gyazo.com/8d734c1138dab5d5ab76f765bd5a52fd this what its saying so if this is how performance is............. i would never buy land in sl (homesteads that is.)
  11. I never was a premium member and ive owned main land for over years time in Bagat sim. but my sim is broken and no one can get in it this very well upsets me. It would be nice to see if anyone can come by and discover what is wrong with my sim.
  12. I bought a homestead from Rita and after it shown up on the maps no one can enter the regeion not even me, the buyer and person input the information. The homestead sim name is Carbuncle Grove. i need LL or someone help me figure out whats going on ordered it 26th and still broken. please help. It says You are not allowed in the destination then after several rubberband attempts it says Unable to make a stable connection. https://gyazo.com/8d734c1138dab5d5ab76f765bd5a52fd Insert immage IS ALSO BROKEN everything is freaking broken in SL... anyways i put it in here instead.
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