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  1. Thank you. Hope they fix it soon. SL unplayable right now for me.
  2. Hi guys For the past two days now i cannot get my avi to rez out. He looks like a cloud no matter what i try. I have lowered and raised graphics. No change. I have tried different viewers,cleared the cache but no change. Any ideas? Thanks everyone
  3. Awesome thank you. I will try that
  4. BlakeAiden

    PC Locking up

    Hi everyone I have been using the SL viewer for months now and basically never have any issues but over the past 3 or 4 days now it keeps freezing and locking my pc up totally. I have tried re installing it, checked for viruses or malware but nothing stops it. I can play for hours then it will freeze my pc and sometimes it will freeze the moment i log in. I have lowered the graphics and done everything i can think of. I also did try firestorm and it does the same thing. Any Ideas? PC Stats: i7 4790k 16 gig ram HD4600 Graphics Thanks guys :)
  5. Yeah me too. I can be in public voice and it works fine. Also i can make calls no problem but i cant recieve calls at all.
  6. Hi I dont know if anyone can help me but for some reason i cannot recieve calls. Everytime someone tries to call me it tells them that i am declining the call even though i am not recieving the call at all. Any info would be amazing? I am using Firestorm
  7. BlakeAiden


    Hey, So i figured out the problem and just going to post it here incase anyone else has the same issue in the future. Me and a friend broke my avatar down and found the issue. We went to worn items in firestorm and found out even though i had equipped a new AO i was still technically wearing the original AO that comes with the stock character i chose. So the two AOs were fighting each other. I un-equiped the original AO and boom works perfectly now. Thanks to all who replied.
  8. BlakeAiden


    Thats not a bad idea. I will try the test avatar idea. Since he is a vampire i think one of the HUDs that i use might be causing the issue as the other avatar i use the AO on is just a human.
  9. BlakeAiden


    Its not a demo no, i bought the AO. I actually use the same AO on another avatar and it works fine. I have tried going to different sims but all do the same thing. Thanks guys but i think i am going to have to contact the seller.
  10. BlakeAiden


    Hi, I dont know if anyone can help me but I started a new avatar and I am having a few issues with him. I Have added an AO for normal animations but when its on it works fine for like 30 seconds then the original animations overide it and it stops working even thought the HUD says its on. The only way to get it to work is turn the HUD Off and On again, then works for another 30 seconds. I then tried a dance HUD and it does the same thing. Avatar starts dancing then stops even with my AO off. Things i have tried: I tried taking the AO off and putting it back on but same thing hap
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