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  1. Hi guys, so I'm thinking of setting up a roleplay community. I'll make an actual group where we can set up stories and scenes together. I'm thinking of making it completely open, but in a modern setting. So OCs will be accepted, and if you're writing characters from movies/tv/literature, we'll figure out a way to do a crossover. The RP could be spread over all the maps, depending on the storylines we set up together. I'm thinking of making a Discord group that would be used to discuss and get to know each other. I have 10+ years of roleplay experience, and I'm open to Voice
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, gonna sign in and add you all and if you wanna hang out hit a man up!
  3. Hello all, so I'm not new to Second Life but I've been mostly on here with an ex that I now actively avoid speaking to. Looking to start over on positive bases in this community. I'm an FTM and homosexual thirty year-old male. I'm an experienced roleplayer (both in the Riverdale verse as Jughead Jones and also as Stiles Stilinski from Teen Wolf) but I'm also down to portray an OC. I'm looking to meet new people both from the LGBTQ community and also non LGBTQ. Just to hang out, explore maps, shoot the *****. I don't promise I'll voicechat but I do have a mic. Something I'm doing a lot of
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