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  1. For nearly 6 years there was never an issue with my classic body it only occurred in July this year out of the clear blue my classic avatar has always been perfectly smooth not cracked like that and nothing has changed on my end recently either my ao and animations have not changed in 6 years I've added nothing new at all animation or ao wise and as you can see from this pic this is how the chest area always looked Before July with no changes on my end whatsoever. *same pose as original post only no body folding*
  2. nope haven't tried that yet seems just all classic skeletons all over sl are broken haven't seen one not broken now since this post but I'll give that a go thanks for the suggestion
  3. Nalates it's still happening with many many classic avatars in the world wearing many different body shapes and most don't even own a mesh body as I didn't when this pic was taken with Only shape, skintone, system eye, and brows on replaced outfit and the issue is still there. I did try as you suggested with an alpha and then replaced outfit again with only shape, tone, eyes and brows and it's still like this as well as tried relogging and resetting skeleton and skeleton and animations so bare bones shape, tone, eyes and brows and still looks like this tried different shapes from various creators and all look like this broken body.
  4. thanks for your help *Edit* Mollymews I tried resetting the skeleton and animations as you said it still did not fix this issue any further help would be greatly appreciated. *Update I just checked 2 of my friends classic too it's happening to them too now with their classic bodies too is this an SL issue that they are unaware of?
  5. thanks for your help Fox I only wear one body with classic I replaced outfit with just a Novus shape and Tableau Skin and Keshie system eyes and Dura hairbase and still it did not fix this issue I've worn the same items for years and never had an issue before I created myself a mesh avatar and then when I took it off and tried to go back to my classic avatar it looked like this. Mollymews thank you I did not know that I will try this and let you know how it goes I have never seen a setting for Reset Skeleton and Animations is that in Firestorm viewer somewhere or do I need to log into my Second Life viewer? I will look and update to see if this worked thank you I do like my mesh body but I love my classic one too
  6. Ever since I tried a new mesh body now my classic body is broken in the middle just under the pecs it separates and bends when you move around it never did this before. How do I fix this? I've tried rebaking and using different shapes and skintones and even went back to default noob avi before trying again and the problem is still there. I love my classic avatar and this problem I can't fix no matter what I try, I'll try any suggestion.
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