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  1. Yeah, because I mentioned that it was downloaded from another site for free, was the reason it was removed. Unfortunately everyone else has fallen in the same trap as they've left negative reviews and they've been removed too. And had to resort to replying to the positive review given. No it isn't mentioned anywhere that it's different. Infact I could of sworn when I bought it, it said, "You are getting exactly what is pictured" but that seems to be removed after I complained.
  2. Okay, so in my opinion I've been scammed. While this doesn't seem to be the opinion of Linden labs. I bought an item in the market place, and it doesn't match the what I got from the advertised picture. The item is a mesh item, the seller downloaded this from a website, at the time this item was free to download or still is. The seller has copied the picture from the website. Hence why his item looks completely different, he's textured it wrong from the picture and the item is shiny and metallic, which is completely different from the photo. I'm not too sure about the licensing agreement, so can't say for sure if he has stolen it or not. (Just my money) Later I found out the exact same item was for sale by another seller for 250 linden, who had textured it correctly. With the exact same permissions. I posted a bad review on the item, but the seller was able to get it removed. The thing is, this hasn't just happened to me, I've read some reply comments on feedback, and alot of people are unhappy about it also and complained their bad review has been removed also. So would like some advice. I contacted the seller, he was extremely toxic and blocked me. I contacted Linden labs, they were uninterested and said that they are just a 3rd party to whatever goes on in marketplace. I can only think of filing a dispute on paypal, but I think this would have some harmful effects on my account?
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