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  1. Then the problem is Linden Lab's stating something false to the investors about Linden$ worth Not with me or you
  2. Please Molly, I am not Linden Labs does in their words, that is a investors journal , not my words
  3. Thank you, Molly appreciate your effort Then don't have a "Limit Buy" https://www.investopedia.com/terms/l/linden-dollar.asp Linden Labs regulates the transfer and can exert full power over the value of a user's Linden dollars, even revoking them for no reason.
  4. Thank you for the link and your reply Linden Labs states , not me That it is a "real" money market exchange If so the S.E.C. needs a call If I am willing to invest my money in term of 2 day or 4 day maturity at the time of the buy orders, then the exchange need follow through with the buy orders as stated Not cancelling my buy orders only seconds after my money was taken from my bank Very very dishonest behavior with no attention of completing trades from the start The Exchange should not have completed any of my buy orders but did just one at the che
  5. Thank you for the reply Warning to the other residents about Linden Labs business habits Orders were placed hours apart and the (second) order was filled with a cheapest exchange rate All transactions were cleared by my bank, this is clearly a Linden Labs problem that can not be explained I have not lost my monies but Linden Lab Exchange is not as truthful as "they" claim....
  6. I have read enough about this and nothing makes sense My bank account works perfectly the amounts were taken on a my credit card not PayPal Three buy orders of $4,000 $4000 And $8000 Linden were taken The second $4000 Linden was filled ??? The First and Last were System-cancelled Oddly the first and last buy orders had a better exchange rate....Better for me! Are we paying game? Screen shots taken for the State's Banking and Exchange Officials (State's Attorney) You claim to be operating legally.. Explain?
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