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  1. So i found out, that my mesh head seemed like outdated. Thats why the brows didn't rezz at all. Sadly i didn't know much about that, that the catwa head will be updated. Now i do.. And its alright Skell Dagger. Im glad you've helped me out. If i have any trouble again i sure hope you can help me anytime soon Thanks to you and the others for helping me out. Greetz uwu ❤️
  2. im currently alone on a not even a bit laggy sim. i sure hope somehow i can solve this.. 😓 thank you tho!
  3. i tried that also. but could try again
  4. They actually worked once. But then after an restart they were gone. I tried to reinstall sl viewer, doesnt help.. and ofc i tried an omega system kit for catwa, doesn't work for omega brows.
  5. i actually know how to handle the tint tab. but these brows still wont show for me.
  6. Sadly this doesn't work for me. here is a pic of the grey brows i mentioned and the actual brows i want to add.
  7. Hi thank you that you clicked ur way through here. So basically i cannot add any Eyebrows to my Catwa Head with a Catwa applier. I tried tons of these eyebrows but all i get is the same. A bigger version of the eyebrow but totally grey. Im a beginner.. so yeah lol. i tried to actually find a way by myself but i ended up here. I hope you can actually help me with this. Thank you !
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