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  1. They are releasing small amounts every couple of days. I let my membership go. There was no way I was going to pay for months of premium membership. Now that they have raised the cost of it as well. It's cheaper to buy a parcel of mainland and have your own place there. It may not be in the nice Linden homes or in the community, but it is an option. For me, I figured I'd wait till the hype dies down and maybe I'll try again then. I was so positive at first, but it is discouraging. They are working hard to get the areas set up. It's just demand is much greater than supply. Good Luck!
  2. My excitement has started to fade.. I am in the UK and I have checked every day for ages But I do work in the 1st Life.... A couple of times, I had a traditional house up... only to have it slip through my fingers and surely someone else received it. I am happy for them... But with the smaller releases, the chances of getting anything seem even more distant. I know they are working hard, I think though, that the build up to releasing the homes and then changing the way due to so many complaining has hurt everyone's chances. But it is often said and there are no truer words, you can't make everyone happy all of the time. So I stay logged in to the front page, when I am able..and hopefully my turn will come...
  3. Even though I still wait for one of these new homes. It's hard not to be dissapointed, but I am still thrilled with the work that our Moles have put into these new communities. This avi, may be new to posting and may be new to SL... But far from new. But if you look at these screenshots, you see something that the Linden homes haven't had in ages... bodies in them.. all those beautiful green dots! I had one of the old linden homes for years... and the neighbors were never there.. These new communities, the new areas, all of it still excites me!! I will be over the moon when I finally get one (a houseboat, I think is what I would like ). In the meantime, I will enjoy the happiness of others as you decorate and share photos of your amazing places!
  4. OH and Look... This post is in the Linden Home Forum... The same Forum where all those topics about Linden Homes are posted... so not sure what the first reply to my initial thread was all about. Except to gripe about somethings without looking first.
  5. You Just never know! But honestly, there's no set rule stating I have to post within that same said thread. Afterall, we may put our pants on the same way, one leg at a time. But It doesn't mean that we have to follow in a row like little ducks.Some people want to force everyone else into the same type of box, but my mentality is = Live Brilliantly! Do Your Own Thing!! Try Something New! Be Yourself! ❤️
  6. Thank you for letting me know this. But sometimes I like to color outside the lines. For some of us less knowledgeable than others, we'd never find those old post.. ❤️
  7. So for all those that are wondering when the next houses will be released.... I don't have an answer. BUT They are coming! I found an area where work is being done, and as you all know Rome wasn't built in a day. I know it's tough waiting... I'm waiting too... But I do appreciate all the work the moles are doing... I think this is just fab!! So this is just my way of saying thanks and looking forward to the next release!!
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