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  1. Thank the people of SL i have been looking for a while its like all the teens just vanished off the face of SL ~Alrighty delete that stupidtry up there out of your beautiful mind and lets get straight to the basics~ My irl name doesn't matter so don't ask I'm a super duper fun person and I would hate for anyone to get on my badside I roleplay as 15 yro girl. I DO'NT WANT ANY PEDOS OR WEIRDOS AT MY DOORSTEP. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Backstory- She spent most of her life in and out of orphanages. When she got to age 13 she realized she was never gonna be adopted and the days only got more darker and lonelier for her. she stopped eating the food the orphanage provided and started locking herself in her room for long periods of time, she never came out not even to take a shower. One day someone was finally willing to adopt her but she didn't want to come out of the room so the orphanage had to bring the police and firemen in to get her out. she cleaned herself up and a few weeks later the women wanted to see her again, they sat her down to have a meeting with the the odd woman. Amber didn't like the way it was going so she retaliated she threatened the woman and called her out on many things. Everyone thought she was crazy so they enrolled her into a school to discipline children of all ages who act up she refused to talk to anyone there never made any friends and refused to follow instructions. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Personality- Amber usually very chill but can also be very mean. Not A Bully. But Mean. she dosn't care what anyone thinks of her and dosn't care about anyones life she often makes that very clear. She loves video games She enjoys reading but not as much Enjoys dancing a bit more than reading Thinks nice people are "Weird" Likes colorful things! Hate Veggies Dislikes bugs and animals thinks they're weird .... Hate school and orphanages Hates the dark or Being alone in the dark ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALRIGHTY YOU'VE REACHED THE END GREAT FOR YOU! So how did you like it took a while to make ( JK) Like i said in the beginning I roleplsy as a 15 yro girls so no creeps ~Amber elysia fay~ (elysiaiscute)
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