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  1. Actually, I found a lot of items that were being sold in Marketplace for $0 Lindens, and if you go to the marketplace and click the box that says $0 to $10 Lindens you will too. But I agree that would make sense if it were a demo, I should have made it clear in my posts that I was talking about free items that were not demos.
  2. I'm not sure I have this in the right place. If I don't then please move this thread. While shopping on the marketplace I decided to look for clothing that was All Permissions. A LOT came up in the search results. Unfortunately though, even though they were checked Copy, Modify, Transfer, many of them I received were NOT all permissions. I don't have much Lindens so I was choosing the cheapest. The craziest part about this mess is that the Creators that had their items checked as Copy, Modify, and Transfer (even though when I got them I found out they weren't all permissions) had absolutely no
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