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  1. Thanks, Rolig! you're the only one u helped me so far, highly appreciated
  2. Pamela, i know the password and i know the email, i dont know the security answer and they say it is not enough to give me my account back. I am not glad at a game i spent so much money and time on, has been hacked and the only way i can claim to be who i am is because of a stupid question i chose 8 years ago, gave fake info and never wrote it down. I hope it's clear for you that there should be another way to identify real owners other than a dumb q.
  3. No, i have tried everything, it has been stolen.. in my opinion, it's just nuts they have no other way to identify an owner other than a security question, thank you for responding though, Rolig, i highly appreciate it. I am upset and angry enough to leave sl and forget about the 7 years i've been there
  4. I have lost my account. I don't remember the answer to the security question and i am not sure which e-mail i used. I submitted a ticket to LL and they said if i cannot answer the security question, they cannot help me further, which means i lost my account. Isn't there anything i can do or say so i can recover it? thank you all
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