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  1. Thank you both for responding. I did have a misunderstanding but I have cleared it up with billing at SL. I was having a problem on marketplace and when I saw the message on the process credit page I thought it applied to me and it was causing my problem. Turns out there was a glitch in the system with my account trying to use marketplace which has been solved. My account is fine, I can continue using my bank card for purchasing lindens and paying fees. AND, I now understand the process credit should I ever need it. My thanks to everyone who helped me including SL who were so qui
  2. I received a notice saying that there is a problem with my account saying that I have insufficient funds to request a payout. So, I looked at my bank account and the amount as already been taken out last week. I DON'T understand the problem and reading the new rules is very confusing. I can't just use my bankcard to buy lindens and pay my fees anymore? I have to set a PayPal account and wait for some 3-5 day process before I can receive my lindens now? THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!! Why do I have to wait for something I have already paid for??? Really LINDEN LABS you're making being a pr
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