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  1. I wrote eroupe as example and wrote as well that LL should think world wide because we got folks from all round world ! Hope my post been read on to the end that exactly what I wanted to say ! yes LL have work hours there no debut so would be nice if houses offers come round deferent hours so most of folks can have chances to get one ...first set up wasnt offee of 24 hours lol my husband got one and only after about 6 hours later I had no luck to get one . It went fast
  2. Well first region was noon slt and that was nice I couldn't get house than as had plot on mainland ...but both next set of happened at bad hours for eroupian members only those who took day off or no working could get it work...boat houses was out at early morning SLT daring work day to eroupian and the latest few was out at 4 PM slt ...the issue I bring in not my personal many eroupian users in same setuation!
  3. Hello ...well I no normaly write posts but I do read most of them and well I got few things to say 1. New Linden homes ...very popular item because it really perfectly done thumbs up to LL creators ! 2. Price premium rise up...well ...year now will cost 99 usd dollar wich is high price for ones who no live in this currency properties for example eroupe So what we get ...more ims and more groups oh yea and the gorgeous houses ! But !!! For now I can not get my house ! The small out times they out fall out on hours I sleep !! LL Want charge eroupe users 99 usd year without give the house because most of them out on hours we sleep or work ! Beside the first region belleseria . So I can tell this ...my premium gues to end some where at July I no want pay for more ins or 10 extra groups extra 30 usd ..I ready do it for nice bellesaria plot or new theme plot for sure So the point is if LL no think of eroupe users as myself no set out houses our evenings time ( not when we work or sleep ) if I no get my cute place until end membership I realy would consider no renew that for now . It shame because I think here folks from all round world and pay same price membership So why than management no think word wide ?? Just saying! But again fully great job with plots just love it ! Hugs to all !
  4. yay good news so we keep all our luck lol
  5. i don't understand the new boat houses been out already ? when Americans awake and European VIP members are sleeping ? or we still wait for them out? thank u !
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