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  1. Yea It is possible for sure, we are the only rulers on our body pixeled shape but sometimes it gets harder to get by! When the viewer is not the main one, the body can be affected for real so that's why proportions help us. But we are also different from our ethnicity so it is valuable.
  2. Oh, fine. Good to know! My answer came just because of my personal experience (I was too short) so I was required to change my avatar look.
  3. Thanks, sometimes I get scared too much by internet exposure if I can't relate the person with consciousness but I will try to avoid it somehow...!
  4. You actually can't and you can also be reported as pedo.
  5. I'd agree but my oculars measure 75 and it is going to get 80 while my shoulders are 50, if I translate it into 3Ds it actually works as a 70 not 75.
  6. Your head size should measure as the size of your shoulders so feel free to do so. If your shoulders measure 70 than your head should do the same. I think I'm done with it... Thanks and bye!
  7. You can set your height by the first option (modify your shape) at the body section window by the first scroll from 0 to 100. For exmple, I'm tall 184 cm than I will set my height at 84. Feel free to do the same. Bye!
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