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  1. Join us this coming Sunday evening, and treat yourself to two hours of spectacular entertainment. The evening begins with the fabulous KoKo Incognitio. KoKo started singing at age five to Elvis's Blue Christmas while playing a hearth broom as her guitar. Since then, no song has been beyond her reach. Whether it is classic country, rock tunes, ballads or oldies, Koko masters them with dulcet tones developed through decades of performing. A child of the 60s, Koko was raised on classic country, but loves rock music and the powerful ballads of the era's strongest female singers. A natural born sin
  2. Yes I knew all that. But thank you very much for replying. I was just curious to learn about the brand name option. Nothing seems to be very well documented when it comes someone who wants to understand them.
  3. I have a marketplace book store. I also make clothing. Is it possible to set up a brand name for my books and a brand name for my clothing and sell both through the same MP store. I have searched and searched for info about about how to use brand names and find it lacking. Is there anything out there where I can research the usage of this.
  4. Just wanted to be certain I wasn't breaking a rule somewhere. Thank you so much for you quick reply.
  5. I manage a marketplace store. Recently I made a nice gown and gave it to the store owner to put in the market place store. I am wondering if this is legal since she is not technically the creator of the gown. The picture that goes with it has my name on it. If I am missing something about a way to do this and have it list me as the creator, can someone please point me in the right direction.
  6. Thank you very much for you quick reply.
  7. Is there a way, that I can change the picture that appears on my classified ads. Currently, it is the picture for the sim. Since I have two classified ads representing different stores on that same sim, I'd like to be able to have each represented by the picture of their store sign. The stores are in the sky above my sim in a little shopping plaza area.
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