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  1. hello all! i'm attempting to write a script that can check if any specific parcel allows for rezzing within it. ideally i should be able to pass a function the name of a region and a set of coordinates, and have it return whether or not anyone can rez there. i initially considerd llGetParcelFlags, but it only works for coordinates with your current region and not one that you arent in i'm beginning to think that such a thing is impossible, but no harm in asking i suppose. thanks for reading!
  2. I bought a VISA prepaid card from Food Lion for the express purpose of buying Lindens. I found out only too late that the reason that most prepaid cards don't work on the exchange is that LL charges a dollar and then immediately repays it to make sure the card is legitimate. The transaction history shows the confirmation payment to be "pending", I am very confused. Are payments with Visa Prepaid cards really impossible? Is there any, even roundabout way, of still using this money to buy Lindens? The only way I could think of is possibly buying bitcoin and converting it to L$ through VirWo
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