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  1. Any advice or tips on how to make a more realistic looking avatar is greatly appreciated! I have used SL before, but I am new to the animal RP side of things. I'm not super picky on breeds, though I would prefer a medium to large sized dog. It would be neat to also do a puppy life stage and eventually grow up into the adult form. I have been looking around at the handful of available avatars but they all seem very cartoonish and not super realistic. I was just wondering if there was something else out there that I might have missed!
  2. Bethy's a teen! (choralite) She's 14, lives with family and rps as a witch (secretly, so it doesn't disrupt any outside rp!) I realize it's a big age jump from 14 to 16/17 but if you're interested in friends, I'm more than happy to have people to hang out with!
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