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  1. Perfect! I'll defiantly be taking a look to see if it's a good fit for me.
  2. Lately I've had an itch to create a roleplay sim inspired by the Peaky Blinders. I was wondering if that would even be something that people would take and interest in. If so, I'm in search of creating a team that would like to join me on the journey of making this a reality. I have a feeling this would make for a fun roleplaying experience that I haven't seen much of in SL. Feel free to shoot me a message or even just comment some feedback if this idea is even a possibility.
  3. I believe Versailles is unfortunately no longer. As for the other two, I've checked out Antiquity but it wasn't really my cup of tea. Although, I still have yet to check out Rocca. It's an absolute shame that there aren't more in that era.
  4. Does anyone happen to know of any 18th century roleplay sims? I've been looking for quite some time but haven't been able to find anything. Please let me know if anyone is aware of one or is interested in staring one!
  5. Hey! My name is Amelia and I'm looking for a partner to share my SL with! I'm Nineteen and I live in the central time zone, which makes me two hours ahead of SL time. I'd love to become involved in family rp in the future but for now I am mainly looking for a relationship. I would prefer someone with a similar time zone, and hopefully in their early to mid twenties. I'm usually on SL everyday so it's be great if they were relatively active as well! Feel free to message me inworld @lcstisland 💖
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