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  1. I only banned her, because she started slandering my name and community, after i stupidly paid 6k for her to two rooms in my house, and she half assed did the job on the living room. She’s butt-hurt because of that. I mean like i said i don’t even care if the stuff is gone. I’m just trying to prove a point “you can ban someone and their stuff will still stay on the sim” lol i banned her last night. This afternoon, my granddaughter’s living room started proofing one piece at a time. Then tried blaming it me returning everything to the decorator that was on my sim, when it wasn’t the whole sim i
  2. Oh no, i didn’t want to kee oh no i didn’t want to keep it. Haha it was my granddaughter. The “owner” of the business is trying to tell her i removed all of the stuff with said decorators name. Thats why I’m trying to figure out if i banned someone if their stuff gets auto returned.
  3. Thank you guys for answering my question!
  4. No there is not! I assumed that she got on another account and returned all the stuff.
  5. They are on the regions ban list. And i just returned the stuff that was on my parcel, not the others. That was last night. This morning(afternoonish) my granddaughter said her stuff was proofing one thing at a time.
  6. Even if they are banned correct? It will stay on their property? Until i(the sim owner) returns it, or the parcel owner returns it?
  7. Thank you! This girl is trying to say that i returned everything at once. My grand daughter was mad considering she paid for this person to decorate her house.
  8. I’m really not sure if this is where i need to put this. If not I’m sorry. So last night i had to ban someone from my sim,(which i made into a community mind you) does it automatically remove their stuff that is on my sim? Or no. Because I’m getting told by someone that i returned, EVERYTHING of theirs, when in reality, it was just stuff that was on my parcel that i returned (she decorated two rooms in my house and have decorated my granddaughters house. HELP PLEASE. thank you
  9. Everything that happened between her and I literally was not "roleplay" the temper tantrums were "OCC" she threw fits about things not going her way as in, she didn't like the house, after she and I picked out the dang house and I bought it, she got mad because I didn't like the house she picked out 2 weeks later because I didn't like the textures inside of the house. and when I said "okay I'll use that for an idea" as in how it meshed out, I get back "I'll just buy the house and live in it myself" which whatever do it I don't care. She got mad because I wasn't able to get online when she was
  10. Yes, for good reasons. but next time I wont be coming onto the forum for people to complain about things.
  11. Okay clearly you're not understanding. so just forget it.
  12. Okay, when someone throws constant temper tantrums because things don't go her way because it's either her way or the highway forget what anyone else feels about it, because she had a mindset everyone had to cater to her feelings while she was all "screw everyone else's feelings". and constantly fighting with me for my thoughts and ideas on something, and me not liking something she did. I'm sorry I'm not gonna sit here and continue to "be friends or family" with said person. I was looking for more family members BEFORE the split.
  13. Some new changes, I no longer have a daughter, She and I split ways due to disagreements. We've changed our last name to Deveraux, So its just me and Anna. Once our friend Jannette gets her avatar the way she wants it, she will be joining the family as our sister. We've officially changed our hair to blonde, yes I know its not summer yet, but Anna wanted to change it. lol the picture posted was before we changed our hair. oh and we did change our eyes to green If youre interested, PLEASE send me a message in-world. I totally forgot I made this post.
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