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  1. W Hello, I have a problem with my avatar. I wanted to change his body and when I brought back the avatar to what I got, my body stopped working. I can only see my head and that's all. if I don't have one Alpha this work. And how i use this my body dont see. I did try reset and is same. How i can fix it? I use ebody but all alpha dont work .
  2. I did it but is same
  3. Hi. I bought an ebody and everything was ok and yesterday I wanted to change my character's clothes and the icon disappeared to me which can turn off body parts and do different things. I tried to reset it and it's still the same. hud dont work me. how can i fix it? please help
  4. Yes i did tlanslate so is that. Oh i see. Yes it look bad and this skirt i want fix because look ugly how skin is see on this clothes. And what title can I look for on YouTube for repairing clothes?
  5. Hello, can I prepare clothes? I mean, if I buy any cheap or free clothes. This body shines through a blouse or skirt and the ebody doesn't completely fix it. because when I take it I turn on the piece, which shines through it is a bit strange it looks where there is no piece of clothes. Please help
  6. I wanted to know how to buy a plot and build a house. I would only like to myself. How much do plots cost and where to buy them? Is it possible to buy a finished house or do you need to build? how does it look like? I have no idea about it. Please help
  7. Thank you so much for help. i don't know a lot things. but thank you fot help
  8. i did try Jennie - Shape for Genus Baby Face and {Nyaru} - Lisa Shape - Catya/Maitreya and it did broken body and head been same, i did by in marketplace. wow. i did't know. thank you and for it can got skin?
  9. I have a problem buying a head. I recently bought an ebody and I can't buy a head. When I buy from Marketplace, it doesn't work for me. It only changes the shape of the body. Please advise me on how to buy a head. And what shops give me or the name of the heads in the marketplace what to combine with ebody. I would necessarily like Korean or Japanese head.
  10. Thank you so much for help. im more smarter now hehe
  11. Welcome. I have a problem. I had a bento body, which people didn't see, only me. I want to buy a new bento body, but I have the demo I need. And the socks do not want to work on this body. And what bento body that I can buy will be good and will other people have to see normally? And how to do it so that you can change your makeup on your head? Because I don't want to act too? I can't see it on my head.
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