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  1. There is this page on "Alt account policies" that says you can only have 5 accounts per household (not user, so, if you live with someone who also plays SL you can't make your own 5 accounts) However, that page has not been updated since 2012 and some people have told me it's not true anymore. So, what is the current, official rule on alt accounts? I ask because I have a couple of old accounts I don't really use anymore, however, they had Marketplace stores and probably still have earnings. I've decided I will close these stores and abandon the accounts, however they still have L$ on them so I'd like to transfer that to my main account. However I think logging in both of them would break the 5 account rule, and I don't want to get banned. Is the 5 account rule still true? If so, how do I do this without getting my accounts disabled?
  2. This is the screen I get when I either try to add my PayPal account as my SL billing information, or directly try and buy L$ without adding the PayPal account first. I see the same checkout page for both. Okay... and if my existing PayPal balance is in GBP instead of USD, will it still use that, or will it try and use my card? Also, what are the chances of them contacting my address? Is it just "for emergencies" and not something I need to worry about?
  3. I'm trying to add a PayPal account and buy L$, but the screen it gives me is confusing. I've attached an image (with my info blurred out, obviously) but basically, it is saying it will deliver to my home address... I don't know what this means, because it's a virtual purchase and I was not aware of any physical item. I'm in the UK if it matters - I don't know how it differs for other countries. It also has selected my card as the default payment method. I don't want to use my card's balance, I would like to use my PayPal balance, however there is no option to select it. The text underneath the "Pay with" box implies that it's just using my card as a backup, and that it will use my PayPal balance by default if there's enough, or else it will use my card. Is that correct? Will I be aware of all the payments or does granting it this mean that I can recieve spontaneous payments without my confirmation? Can I get some clarification on both of these points? Apologies if I sound paranoid... I just like to be very thorough with these things and make sure that I don't accidentally agree to something I don't understand.
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