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  1. Hi! I'm online right now. Feel free to message me if you want to.
  2. Hello. My horse's name is Ceres. She is a full grown draft horse. Being that her breed of horse is what as known as cold blooded horses I think she would do well as either a pet or a worker. Maybe even both. I do rp but I don't strictly rp so I'm looking for a family who has a nice balance of both worlds. I can voice chat but I rarely do because of a mild stutter that I am self-conscious about. I'm not saying I'll never voice chat but I am saying that if voice is needed to be a part of your family or community than I might not be a good pick. I would like to get to know you and even if we decide we may not be a good familial match I hope to at least make a few friends in this process if nothing else. Please contact me here or in world and we can meet up and chat.
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