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  1. Hello Zeta, Oh, such a great idea, I'll try that too. Uhm... so if I have to go for any reason, I'll do that. Thanks! Up to 5k!! Awesome, I might invest money in the end heheh. Yeah, I found several for furry only or for shemales, so I'll have to be careful with that. I see it fair that they get a % of my tips, but not the fee. Oh and I didn't know if you rent you don't pay a % so when I get more clients, I'll have to do the Maths and see what's better for me. Thank you for all the information, still only 3 days since I registered. I'
  2. Hello everyone, Today a wonderful guy, super nice and married in-game (he wanted no sex with me) gave me a lot of advices. One of them was to look for afk places, but when I sit I should try to keep changing my position. That way people see I'm not afk and even I don't have a custom mesh, they hire me. And it worked! I got my first L$100 with a lovely curvy woman, it was incredible and we had a lot of fun together. If you look at those L$100 as if they were real dollars, well I know they're nothing, but they are my first Linden dollars and I'm quite happy with them. The problem, the
  3. Yeah, all the animations give me a headache, I never know what do they do! And just hitting everything seems so unproffesional, so I try that the other one leads and I just do what I know: ERP. Today I got my first L$100 and it was nice! So yes, I'll have to get some meshes with time, but right now I'm fine like this. Time will tell! Thank you for your advices! What I'm trying to do is the ERP I already know, but when the other one changes the position then I change my text. It's pretty fun and demanding, sometimes I get completely blank but I have to react fast! So I use tips tha
  4. Hello again, Yes, perfectly clear. Thank you! Regards, MT edit: updated first post with all the answers
  5. Hello again, I was looking at the wings but not my style. About that link, do I have to open it in the game? I tried to click it from my phone and I have a "visit location" button, but it does nothing. And what's an avi? Regards, MT
  6. It's cute indeed! And I wouldn't have seen the orgy if you didn't mention it, I was looking at your wings, hahah!
  7. Hello again, Oh really?! That's very interesting, thank you! I'll research that in a future. Regards, MT
  8. Hello, Thank you for your answer! I don't know if you missed something in your answer because I'm writing with my phone, but it was very helpful! I read already that post you mentioned and I found it very useful, I'm glad other people think the same. What I used to do at WoW was working a lot, giving my best each time. When I finished I asked, did you like it? Do you think I deserve a tip? Some people gave me nothing, but sometimes they gave me a lot. I got once 100€ (in WoW gold) for 1 hour work, crazy stuff!! So I'll try to have fun and look for tips from clients. Thank
  9. Hello again, I wanted to ask even more! That's why I changed the post subject from "I have questions" to "I need a mentor", hahah! Regards, MT
  10. Hello, Thank you for your answer. So that was the problem, I'll be patient then. Regards, MT
  11. Hello everyone, Yesterday I started playing Second Life and I need a mentor, I'm a Spanish 18 years old girl. If you can help me, please keep reading. Warning: long post ahead! I've played ERP (Erotic Role-Playing) for a long time at WoW (World of Warcraft). During this time I've improved my writing speed and learnt what men like, but WoW has a lot of problems like: ERP is not allowed so we had to be very careful and we also feared we could get banned at any moment There's no RMT (Real Money Trading) so I did ERP only to play the game for free, which I didn't really
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