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  1. As the title says I'm looking for homes (larger ones) that are already furnished. They few seller places I've found had homes that were extremely low texture quality, things that would have looked good in 2012...not so much now. Is there a store around that offers high quality homes with furniture included? Homes anywhere from larger to mansions, or in between. Thanks in advance!
  2. So, long story short I got super careless and mess up my decorating by deleting the skybox and was not for the life of me able to get it back in the right position...and now I have to start over from scratch! But I'm already super slow at decorating and don't have a good eye for furniture arrangement, so I was wonder if anyone would be willing to do it for payment. I have already laid out most the furniture I want to be set in the room I want it in, and you just make it feng shui. I know some people love to decorate...I'm not one of them lol
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