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  1. To everyone, this issue has been resolved. After exactly 2 weeks I was Resident 3 with 300$ sell limit and 0$ Credit Process limit. After exactly 30 days of my first transaction, I am Resident 1 with 999$ Credit Process Limit. Thank you to everyone! Let's keep this information somewhere for anyone else's future reference perhaps?
  2. Ah, I see. I didn't realize that. That makes much more sense now. Thanks for that!
  3. I don't follow what's going on, was a comment deleted or something?
  4. I see, I believe it was exactly 2 weeks before I was able to sell L$, as I had a Sell Limit of 0.00 until that point, then it increased to $300 US. Then Process Credit showed up, though with a 0.00 limit. So things may have relaxed a bit. Maybe it's 2 weeks to sell, and an additional 2 weeks to Process Credit. Regardless, I'll keep you posted if anything happens before that. Otherwise I'll plan for a March 2nd approximation.
  5. After some checking I don't see any emails, even in my spam, about this. However, the first purchase was Feb 1st, so not 30 days since first purchase, and even less since selling L$ for the first time.
  6. 1. I'm sure, it was a bit confusing but it says "$0.00 of $0.00 used" so there's a zero limit. 2. I don't know if it's been 30 days since I bought L$, but my 0 limit of selling changed, so I sold them for US$, it has not been 30 days since selling the $L, so do I need to wait that long before I can process credit after selling my L$? 3. I'm aware of the limit page, have it pulled up. Though I feel like there's a lot of information that's simply not available and you need to be told this by someone else rather than reading it somewhere, which is annoying. I like being able to look online
  7. So after a bit of waiting I got my Sell Limit of L$ past the 0.00 limit, and sold them. But now I'm at a Process Credit Limit of 0.00 max value. How long before that changes to a non-zero amount? Thanks!
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