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  1. Except with the same card I just bought NBA 2K19 on Steam and subbed to Origin Access (I also play video games) so it's NOT my card, though I think the issue here might lie with Paypal-I tried to use it when subbing to Origin Access, and it too was kicked back there. Guess I'll wait and see if this is just a maintenance thing or something before jumping to a rash decision.
  2. Update. So I was able to authorize my PayPal to where I can make it work with SL. And work it did. Until today.I'm not even close to my spending limit for SL, and I've got the money in my actual account I'm billing through PayPal, and my bank came through today and told me that if they suspected any suspicious activity on my card, they would just lock the card, not access to just one site. Any solutions here? I tried just now dropping my PayPal and readding it. If I'm gonna be honest, this issue's really starting to irritate me to the point I'm considering leaving the grid unless this is resolved, and to a manner that it will work, and work ALL the time. And again, I appreciate the help of all of you, you've been great through my constant whining and bickering and...admittedly almost creating conspiracy theories.
  3. While I appreciate the help, you all are great, there is one thing that I can't understand. Why does LL seem to refuse to charge debit cards? More importantly, why do they specifically make it seem like they CAN use debits when you add your card info? And if they don't take debit cards, why do they push the dollar authorization fee then refund it? I'm not doubting any of you, I'm just trying to understand why this system is actually this asinine. I've been fighting with this for hours, and every time I try to charge my account for Ls, it throws that up, and it is worth noting that after posting this thread I ordered off Amazon a $100 SteelSeries Arctis 5 headset and bought a game on Steam with this same exact card in question so it's not a question of my bank (unless for whatever reason they decided that SL was a potentially fraudulent site and blocked it, something I have an email in with them on to see, but I've never seen a bank lock a card to one specific site before). Everything about this suddenly feels like a bait and switch at best, blatantly illegal at worst.
  4. Save for one problem there-the stuff PayPal needs to verify my card? I don't see on my app. So that isn't an effective solution, and Skrill's just a giant white box. Looks like LL's odd refusal for debit cards is gonna end up being a giant middle finger to me then.
  5. So I am having a peculiar issue. I have a Visa card that was issued to me by an online-only bank by the name of Varo Money. This card HAS worked for me in the past, in fact, up until like Thursday, it WAS working. I say WAS because it no longer is now when I go to buy Ls, or items with US$. Every time I make the attempt I get the error, "There was a problem charging your payment method." It IS a debit card, but I've never had problems with it up until recently, and there are funds on it. In fact, as of the date of this posting it was pay day for me with my job and prior to making the most recent attempt I had checked to see if my check had cleared, which it had, so clearly funds are not a problem. I also tried to verify with other purchases on other services like Steam and Amazon if it was my card, and those cleared perfectly. Does anyone have any ideas of what I could try next, or if anyone else can verify they too have this or a similar issue? I am aware of the SL Cashier outage earlier last week, and have a theory my problem may be linked to those, but without others saying they too have this issue I have no means of verification on this.
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