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  1. Logged in a little bit ago, I've got roughly half my inventory back. Still missing stuff, but at least it is coming back. Once it is all back I'll cancel the ticket I put out to be safe.
  2. Tried it. No luck. Inventory is still empty and only thing that remains are links to what was last worn upon logging off the day before. Edit: Will specify that I've tried it on 4 different clients, and tested with an alt account. Black Dragon, Polarity, Firestorm, and default SL viewers. Cache clearing and inventory stuff did nothing, alt account was perfectly fine and had its inventory intact. From what I'm getting, this is something that randomly happened due to the server issues earlier in the day.
  3. Whelp seems this might be what happened to me too. Got no inventory upon logging in, it can't load my outfit, and can't load my character. All I've got are links to what I had worn when I last logged off.
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