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  1. Thanks, though! Yeah found out the Physique Hourglass body mesh could fix that with the HUD settings, thank you!
  2. Hello, i am in kind of a deep trouble with my avatar all the time. when i try to dress up my avatar, no matter if i wear a Slink Physique Hourglass body mesh, + including body alpa meshes, the clothes still glitch on my avatar with Physique / Hourglass outfits i try to buy Full Complete Avatars but sometimes i just want it separated. And i kept having this issue, when i try other clothes, how can i fix this problem? It's very frustrating all the time. I keep even Editing my shape body preferences. But that also doesn't help much.. is there something with anyskin alpha textures? Or idk appliers to keep that issue away. Thanks in advance Shira ~ Aka MsBabyAngel
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