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  1. Partly solved the mesh avatars not rezzing properly by whitelisting programs and cache folders in virus and trojan scanners, but still not completely bug free, there seem to be some services that have to be whitelisted as well but no answer from support yet which ones and how to whitelist services in W10?
  2. In my very short SL experience I found the mesh avatars, like Maitreya en Belleza and mesh heads like Lelutka, to be an absolute nightmare in most viewers. Not only I but also the mesh avatars around me end up with body parts floating apart and face parts partially rendered. Forcing re-texturing or re-rendering doesn't help; changing drawing distance or texture detail will not help neither. Only the old Windows aproach works sometimes: close everything and startup again, and if that doesn't help restart again. The classic avatar has a skirt problem: it uses transparency to shorten it and all viewers cannot handle overlayed transparency, so your skirt will cut holes in the floor or in the fog or in the water. I m still looking for a mini skirt, a short skirt and a midi skirt to use as glitch with flexi-prim skirts!
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