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  1. Thank Y'all so much for the help, This has cost me thousands of lindens. I will have her contact them at once to report it
  2. A friend of mine had her Avatar and lindens stolen, She has a Mesh body and head. This happened 4 days ago...I contacted the stolen the stolen Avi and told them we wanted to buy the Avatar back, they sold the password back to her, My question is , How did they do this and how can we prevent it from happening again?
  3. Thanks Rolig, that worked ! Thanks again for the help
  4. I purchased a dog from Alpha pets, I came with commands- sit, beg, etc. I'm supposed to type in the command, My question is where do I type it in at? I've tried every where but no luck. I've tried to contact the seller but no response. Does any one have a pet or know someone who does? Thanks
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