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  1. do you know any other viewers that might substitute for firestorm? i have tried alchemy & yes it does render all my mesh correctly. but as you said, it is a little outdated lol.
  2. parts of my mesh body aren't showing up. like one lower leg is missing and one arm is aswell. it's showing that it's showing in my maitreya hud, but i can't get them to reappear. there's also these blue ducks that appear when i relog too, is this a viewe issue? i relogged into another viewer & my mesh body went back to normal.
  3. catwa catya. @Klaineanderson
  4. does anyone know how to tint the neck part of a hair base? my hair base has like baby hairs on the back of the neck & i tried messing around with the neck tattoo tab on my hud, but the hairbase on my neck is still white instead of the color i'm trying to change it to.
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